ABP and EIT Food

ABP and EIT Food

ABP and EIT are working to enhance sustainability within food production in Europe, improving health and nutrition and ensuring transparency and trust.

ABP and EIT Food: solving Europe’s most pressing food challenges through innovation and smart collaboration

Europe’s food market is being tested like never before. Whether it’s improving health and nutrition, enhancing sustainability, overcoming low consumer trust, improving supply chain transparency or dealing with the fallout from Covid-19, the list of challenges is long – and growing.

To find solutions and ensure European food remains competitive on the international stage, it’s increasingly important for food companies to pool their expertise and work together. ABP is proud to play its part through its involvement with EIT Food, Europe’s most prestigious food innovation programme.

EIT Food is a consortium of 50 leading food and technology companies, start-ups and research institutes from across Europe. The 50 members were chosen in 2017 through a competitive process and, along with ABP, include well-known innovators such as Danone, PepsiCo, Siemens, Nestlé and John Deere.

The makeup of the consortium gives EIT Food members a unique opportunity to collaborate with, and learn from, leading companies in other sectors. As a result, they are able to evaluate and shape emerging innovation long before it hits the radar of the wider food industry.

As the consortium’s only meat processor, ABP is also able to bring its industry expertise to R&D projects and ensure new technology is developed with the red meat industry’s needs in mind.

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