Our People

Our People

We know that it’s people that make the difference between a good company and a great one, so we make sure that we invest in the ABP people of the present, as well as those of the future.

When we think about our people ‘standing up for tomorrow’ it means three things to us;


ABP is committed to ensuring that the highest ethical standards are met, and it works tirelessly to ensure that all labour standards are enforced and creating a workplace that values the diversity of its people.

As a large employer ABP has robust systems in place to ensure that it operates at the highest ethical level. This commitment was formalised back in 1999 when ABP joined the Ethical Trading Initiative agreeing to its principles relating to working hours & conditions, rates of pay, health and safety and terms of employment. Over recent years ABP has been striving to be a leader in combatting and mitigating the risk of modern slavery and exploitation in its business operation and wider supply chain. In this area ABP have been widely acknowledged as leading the way in its industry because of the innovative approaches it has taken.

ABP feels that there is strength in diversity, and that it celebrates the differences in its large workforce. For this reason it is proud to have published its gender pay gap report, to be accredited as a Disability Confident Employer as well as by recruiting individuals who are long-term unemployed and require support to help them overcome the barriers they face in getting back into the workplace.



A woman in a blue helmet and earphones framed through the metal bars of a machine

ABP is committed to ensuring that the health and safety of all its people and as a responsible business wants to go beyond to support its people to make choices that improve their wellbeing.

The safety of our people and any visitors to our sites is an absolute priority and ABP take it very seriously. ABP comply with all relevant regulations but also have worked to take safety to the next level through its 2020 Vision for Safety that is built on visible leadership supported by training and awareness for all staff. ABP also have introduced some innovative new technologies such as its safety reporting app to drive improvements in this area.

ABP’s concept of ‘health and safety’ goes beyond the notion of preventing accidents which is why ABP has a ‘Be Well’ programme that aims to support its people to make healthy choices that improve their wellbeing and quality of living both inside and outside the workplace.

Please see our Be Well Life Works video below


Strategic Objective: ABP ensures that our workplace is an environment where talent can always be nurtured and potential can always be realised.

Our people are the driving force behind our success. That is why at ABP we ensure that our workplace is an environment where talent can always be nurtured and potential can always be realised.

It’s how we’re shaping our own future – investing in food careers today to nurture the leaders of tomorrow. But our people strategy isn’t just about ABP jobs – it’s about how we make our workplace a better place, how we engage with our communities and how we define the character of our business.

Ultimately, it’s about making sure that as we continue to excel and grow as a company, nobody gets left behind. Whether that’s our employees, our customers, our suppliers or even those living close to our meat processing plants – our strategy will always be to put people first.


The ABP UK Talent Academy welcomes those entering our business straight from school or college with apprenticeships that develop real skills and enhance every aspect of our candidates’ professional standing.

Learning and Development

Over the last 35 years we’ve achieved our position as one of the UK’s leading food manufacturers by prioritising the professional development of our people and celebrating individual success. ABP have access to the National Skills Academy for Food & Drink that provides our people with cutting edge training we also have an extensive Learning and Development programme that equips staff in a range of areas in order to grow the business.

Staff Engagement

Our strategy has always been to put people first which is why we work hard to ensure that our people are engaged in their role. We actively work to enrich the work experience and seek to be an employer of choice in the food sector.

Case Study

Please go to ; https://abpuk.com/case-study/stephen-quinlan/

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