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The ABP Angus Youth Challenge in Northern Ireland builds on the huge success of ABP’s sponsorship of the Angus School’s Competition in the Republic of Ireland.

An invitation to take part in the Northern Ireland ABP Angus Youth Challenge

This has been a disruptive year for young people’s learning experience and a worrying time for short-term employment prospects. We are therefore delighted to give your advance notification of the opportunity for pupils in Yrs. 11/Transition year to participate in an immersive work experience with one of Business in the Community’s leading members ABP Food Group.

ABP is one of the largest meat processing companies in the UK and Ireland and it is offering post primary pupils aged 14-16 the opportunity to win a comprehensive farm to fork skills development experience.

The ‘ABP Angus Youth Challenge,’ offers a host of opportunities for teenagers at a crucial stage of their education to develop employability skills and knowledge of the agri-food industry in a fun and challenging way.

The Agri-Food Sector is a £5 billion industry in Northern Ireland and is the region’s largest manufacturer, exporting goods to over 70 countries around the world. As an essential business ABP and its farmer-suppliers have contended with many challenges in keeping the nation fed during this pandemic. Developing the employability of local teenagers by giving them skills and practical experience of the agri-food sector is a crucial part of ABP’s investment in a future and sustainable supply chain.

Now more than ever we hope that teachers of Year 11 and Transition year studying subjects such as Agriculture, Home Economics, Business Studies and the Sciences will grasp the opportunity to enrich their pupils’ learning experience potential beyond the classroom.

The ABP Angus Youth Challenge will open  once again in September 2022 for entries to teams of two to four 14-16 year olds from schools,  across Northern Ireland. They do not have to live on a farm to take part.

Click on this link ABP Angus Youth Challenge to find out more about what the ABP Angus Youth Challenge has to offer and register your interest.

If you are in Transition Year and would like to find out more on the ABP Ireland Certified Angus Schools competition visit ABP Certified Irish Schools Competition.

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