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Feasibility Project – Connecting consumers to Farm of Origin

ABP Sustainable Beef

ABP is working with partners including Icelandic Research Institute Matís and UK data specialist Agrimetrics to explore the feasibility of going beyond existing DNA traceability systems to make it faster and easier to verify the origins of meat – and make that information available at the point of purchase and consumption. Called BLINK, the project forms part of ABP’s wider involvement with EIT Food, a pan-European consortium that is finding solutions to today’s most pressing food challenges.

Commenting on the collaborative partnership, James Draper, ABP UK, said, “We are delighted to be part of an international collaboration that is playing its part in improving the sustainability of future food production and consumption. The new concept looks to take advantage of recent advancements in DNA profiling and looks to combine with other digital data sources – to provide farm to fork traceability at the point of purchase and consumption.’

Work on the project started in early 2020 and the project will now be evaluated to establish how realistic and feasible providing farm to fork traceability at the point of purchase is given current technology within the required commercial constraints.