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Last Call To Take Part In Abp’s Agri-Food Skills Competition


ABP has opened its agri-skills development programme to new entries from 14-16 / Years 11 & 12. The ‘ABP Angus Youth Challenge,’ is an award-winning education partnership that offers a host of opportunities for teenagers to develop skills and knowledge that can help them bridge the gap between school and the world of work.

The competition is open to teams of two to four individuals from schools, clubs, societies or even a group of friends. Entry is by way of a short video which must be submitted by the team on or before noon, 27th November 2020. 

Each team that reaches the final stage of the competition, receives a mini-herd of 5 Aberdeen Angus Calves to rear through to finishing. They will be rewarded with the proceeds of the sale of their five calves to ABP.

Alongside this, the teams participate in research assignments that will expand their knowledge and interest in sustainable beef production. They are also given training to enhance their work-life skills such as interview skills and presentation techniques.

“Aspects of the programme will be adapted to meet Covid-19 restrictions at the time whilst ensuring the participants can benefit from the learning experience,” explains Charles Smith, competition organiser and General Manager of the Northern Irish Angus Producer Group. “We are committed to helping develop the work-life skills of young people at a time when they have missed out on so much. With the support of parents and teachers, the competition gives teenagers who are interested in agri-food production a chance to shine.”

One overall winning team will receive £1,000 for their school, club, or society at the end of the finalist programme.

Pupils taking part to date have come both from rural and city schools. “The competition attracts pupils who are studying the GCSE in Agriculture & Land Use or a BTEC in Agriculture. Other participants are interested in enhancing their CV for a variety of jobs and careers that the agri-food sector can offer, from food science; production; veterinary science; finance & business management to logistics and procurement,” continued Charles Smith.

Entrants do not have to live on a farm to take part. ABP and the Angus Producer Group will assist participants in the selection of suitable NI FQA farms. For further details and entry forms visit