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ABP Podcast – Pandemic Positives for Education & Jobs in NI’s Agri-Food Sector



It’s an anxious time for young people who have missed out on so much due to the Coronavirus. From disruption in education to economic turmoil, the former BBC broadcaster & farmer Karen Patterson explores if the pandemic has produced any positives for young people wanting to study or work in agri-food in Northern Ireland. In this episode she is joined by guests – the Education Adviser for CAFRE’s Loughry College, Liz Simpson; the part-time beef farmer and Head of Biology at Belfast Royal Academy, Dr Andrew Bell; the sixth former and ABP Angus Youth Challenge Outstanding Individual, Lorcan Convery as well as Loughry graduate and now full-time ABP employee Sarah Jane Houston.

If you are a parent or a teacher of a teenager, or a student who has some important choices to make about what to do next, then this podcast is for you.