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Sustainable Beef Podcast Episode 1


Adam Henson beefs up the conversation on sustainable production in new podcast

Farmer and TV presenter, Adam Henson, is hosting a new podcast addressing the big questions in sustainable beef production. In association with meat processors, ABP, the three-part series, The Sustainable Beef Podcast, explores how farmers and the farming industry are working together to meet net zero targets.

Discussions with leading industry minds, including Professor Jude Capper (Harper Adams University), Professor Temple Grandin (Colorado State University) and Professor Chris Reynolds (Reading University) geared up to support farmers on their own road to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as aiding the consumer to make responsible choices.

Adam Henson, who runs beef sheep on his farm in the Cotswolds, said:

“The beef sector has to play its part in meeting the country’s net zero ambition, and this means big changes to how farmers run their businesses and how meat is produced. The UK has some of the lowest greenhouse gas emissions from livestock; we are doing a good job and getting better all the time. We have the opportunity to be a world-leader in sustainable meat production and we have a big PR job to do.

“This podcast is a great insight on the importance of sustainability and professionalism in the supply chain and demonstrates the amount of effort and energy ABP is putting into research and development to maintain standards and keep Britain leading the way. It’s fantastic the work they are doing just to showcase how much they care.”

ABP is one of the UK’s leading red meat processors, with sites across the UK supplying to retail, food service and wholesalers. Sixty years in business, it works with 12,000 British farmers and has set up two demonstration farms in County Wexford in Ireland and on the Shropshire and Staffordshire border in England. These are to gather data on beef rearing systems and genetics to support farming businesses to produce more sustainably and efficiently.

Group Sustainability Director at ABP, Dean Holroyd, explains: “At ABP, we are committed to science-based climate change targets and are working hard to support farmers on the road to reducing their GHGs, as well as supporting consumers to be sustainable.  “We are seeing through our demonstration farms and farmer producers that economic and environmental sustainability go hand in hand: the most environmentally efficient animals are also the most economically beneficial.”

In the first episode of The Sustainable Beef Podcast, Professor and ABP Chair of Sustainable Beef and Sheep Production at Harper Adams University, Dr Jude Capper, looks at the practical ways to reduce emissions. She says in the British Isles we start in a strong position with two-thirds of agricultural land unfit for growing anything but grass:

“This unique base lends itself to grow the most environmentally friendly beef in the world – it’s all about every producer doing a little better with every animal, every pasture, every system. This will make a remarkable difference. If, for example, each farmer reduced the age of slaughter by even just a few days, it will have a positive impact.”

The Sustainable Beef Podcast is available on all the usual channels.